The stinkiest and most memeable shitcoin in all of history. The doges and pepes have had their day, it’s time for PooMoji to take his place on the throne!

Look who is
tweeting PooMoji

Elon loves PooMoji so much he demands that all Twitter press enquiries autorespond with PooMoji!


PooMoji has grown tired from watching all of Pepe, Shiba, Doge, Floki tokens. If you want a Poo Coin then you have to do it right! The Shibs, doge and pepe's have had their moment in the sun, but now it's time for the most recognizable poo emoji in the world to rise to the top and reign supreme as the king of all memes.

PooMoji has arrived to make shitcoins great again! With a stealthy launch that had no presale, no farts, no taxes & contract renounced, $POO is the token that belongs to the people, forever. Power to the Poo and power to the poople!


Create a wallet

Grab your toilet paper and plunge into the app store or the poo-poo-gle play store to download MetaMask or your preferred poop-wallet for free. Desktop users, hold your nose and dive into the goo-gle chrome extension by visiting

Get some BNB

Make sure your wallet is stocked with some fresh BNB to wipe and swap for $POO. If you're running low on BNB, fear not! You can grab some right on MetaMask, transfer from another wallet, or buy from another ex-poo-change and send it to your wallet.

Go to Pancakeswap

Time to connect to the Poop flusher of Pancakeswap! Roll over to in goo-gle chrome or on the browser within your MetaMask app. Hook up your wallet and plop the $POO token address into Pancakeswap, select $POO, and confirm that doo-ty. When MetaMask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign with a whiff of pride.

Switch BNB for $POO

Time to flush your BNB for $POO! We've got ZER-poo taxes, so no need to worry about plunging into a specific slippage. Though, keep in mind, you may need to use some slippage during those stinky times of market volatility.


TOTAL SUPPLY: 420,690,000,000,000

No taxes, no fees - it's that poo-tivatingly simple!

92% of the tokens were plunged right into the poopshute pool of liquidity, LP tokens were flushed away, and the contract was renounced. The remaining 8% of the supply is pooped away safely, destined to fertilize future CEX listings, poop bridges, & liquid-poo pools.

ROADMAP: The sh*!tshow

Phase 1: Meme

Phase 2: POOP & HODL

Phase 3: Meme Takeover

After all the jokes are wiped away with the finest toilet paper, let's plunge into the depths of the toilet bowl and discover the poo-poo-delights of the $POO road ahead.

Phase 1

  • Launch Token

  • Establish $POO Army

  • First 1000 holders

Phase 2

  • MemeCoin King Status

  • CEX Listing

  • 5000 holders

Phase 3

  • MemeCoin Takeover

  • Emoji Coin Network

  • 10000+ holders

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